Theory of Change for Child Labour in Ghana



Ghana is one of the leaders of the global cocoa production industry, with Ghanaian cocoa beans being exported across the world. However, child labour plagues cocoa production. Child labour is a violation of a child’s rights, and yet the 2013/14 Tulane survey indicated that approximately 920 thousand Ghanaian children are engaged in child labour.

CRI is working in partnership with UTZ to reduce child labour in the UTZ certified farming group Kookoo Pa.


Child Rights International trained 2 District Social Welfare Officers per district. In addition, we held a 2-day training for Kookoo Pa and the Internal Management Systems team on the Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation System.

Executive Director Bright Appiah leading a training session in Kumasi

Executive Director Bright Appiah leading a training session in Kumasi

The training of the Internal Management Systems team also includes CRI-provided training manuals to ensure effective and accurate trainings undertaken by the IMS team, which are adapted to a value-chain approach that focuses on farmer groups. The IMS team will then train Farmer-based Child Protection Committees (FCPC) to be established in every community. The FCPCs will learn the knowledge and skills needed in identifying and monitoring child labour and other child protection issues, how to develop action plans for meetings and monitoring, and what their outlined roles and responsibilities are. CRI will visit districts to provide technical support and to ensure the quality of training sessions being held.


A data management team, supervised by the IMS officer in charge of child labour, team will be established and trained by CRI. This team will collect the first round of data. Data will be collected on the households of the 7000 UTZ certified farmers in 218 communities across 7 districts. A household register will be developed from this data, enabling improved targeting of programming. The data will also be used to develop a tool for identification, classification and remediation of child labour and any other child protection issues that may be present, such as child abuse, child marriage, teenage pregnancy and child trafficking.


After careful data analysis of the child protection issues identified by the GCLMS tools, CRI and Kookoo Pa will be effective advocates at both the district and national levels for child labour prevention and other child protection issues. In addition, Kookoo Pa’s capacity to be advocates and lobbyists for this issue will be strengthened throughout the course of the UTZ Theory of Change for Child Labour project, enabling them to take an independent and active role in advocacy and lobbying in the future.