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Photo by Rebecca Gerster

Photo by Rebecca Gerster


Promoting Positive Social Norms, Rights and Achievements of Children - UNICEF Project (2016) 

Check out our newsletter to hear about the impacts our “Promoting Positive Social Norms, Rights and Achievements of Children Project” with UNICEF, including stories from inspiring child rights club members who are using the lessons taught and support received from club patrons and members to overcome struggles in their lives to build a better future for themselves, their communities and the country.

UNICEF Newsletter - 2016

Child and Ambassador Stories - 2016



At the yearly Child Initiative Forum (CIF) - in partnership with UNICEF and with support from Mondelez International and Right to Play - we provide a forum for voluntary and informed participation by children with resource people and each other in order to celebrate their unique contributions as citizens of the world, and to empower them to speak up with their own knowledge, opinions and personal experience.

This report outlines our speaker and participants, the discussions had, and shares the stories and experiences of some of the children who learned valuable lessons about child rights and the ways in which the law in Ghana bars those rights from being violated.

Child Initiative Forum Report - 2016



Child Rights International has engaged CRC members to help create child-friendly resources to educate children on topics like child labour and types of child abuse, as well as the informal and formal structures in place to support children realizing their rights and how to identify, respond to and report child protection issues. 

Child Labour Monitoring Tool - 2016

Child Protection Monitoring Tool - 2016


Journalism Code of Ethics (2015)

Child Rights International developed the Journalism Code of Ethics - in partnership with the Ghana Journalists Association, the National Media Commission, UNICEF and WUSC - to ensure the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct is upheld by journalists when reporting on children. 

This resource provides guidance for journalists on how to report issues of children ensuring standards of respect and dignity and the promotion of the rights and well-being of children in Ghana.

Journalism Code of Ethics - 2015