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A Child's Journey | Ghana @ 60

Two weeks ago, Child Rights International shot a video celebrating and honouring the great country of Ghana for the Ghana @ 60 celebrations. 

Our short film centres on children of Ghana, who take a journey from a humble beginning, overcoming trials and tribulations, to the country Ghana is today. We are a strong, proud, great nation, but we must always strive to be better. Community, support and love have helped Ghanaians to follow our dreams and build the country we want. 



Through the film, we see Ghana's spirit of community, our commitment to hard work and determination. When a child falls down, someone will always be there to help them back up.  

"60 years ago, Ghana embarked on a journey to determine her future. Since 1957, our forefathers have bought battles and taken bold steps. They were steps of change, steps of hope, steps of aspiration for our children and our country. Through trials and triumphs we have stayed strong. Mother Ghana is built on commitment, loyalty and nationalism. Here we are to continue the journey of sustaining Mother Ghana. God bless our homeland Ghana."

Join CRI in celebrating 60 amazing years in Ghana and looking forward to many more!

Watch our film in English:

Watch our film in Twi:

Thank You!

Thank you to the Child Rights Club members and assistant patron Michael Affah Annan at Kotoku M/A JHS for all your help and support in filming this video!


Jennifer Samiafo Adzu

Emmanuel Agboise

Maureen Ankrah

Lucy Appau

Clinton Osei Berko

Johnson K. Dorfenyo

Justice Kusi

Ivy Lamptey Mills

Elizabeth Odame

Daniel Sewornu


English Voiceover: Elizabeth Okletey

Twi Voiceover: Justice Kusi

Music: Rebecca Gerster

Video: Rebecca Gerster

Former Child Rights Club President Breaks Record for Most Awards at Medical School Graduation

Dr. Fathia Ayodele Karim

Dr. Fathia Ayodele Karim

Child Rights International celebrates Dr. Fathia Ayodele Karim, a former president of the Wesley Girls Child Rights International students club for the 2008/2009 academic year.

She won 12 out of 15 awards at her recent medical school graduation from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, shattering the previous record of 8 out of 15.

During her term of office as president of the Wesley Girls’ High Child Rights Club, Dr. Karim and her club members, under the patronage of Ms Ackon, launched an educational fund for the brilliant but needy students in Kakumdo.

In a recent interaction with the Director of Child Rights International, Mr. Bright Appiah, Dr. Karim emphasized that everything worth doing is worth doing well.

"As a former president of the club I have learned through training that as a child you can become whatever you want to become. Just choose right and do it right. I would encourage all children out there to follow their dreams, out-dream yourselves! Work hard, pray harder and be disciplined. ” Dr. Karim explained.

Dr. Karim hopes to narrow in on pediatrics/child care, a field for which she garnered the Ben Baffoe-Bonnie prize for Child Care.

Child Rights Club from Holy Child School Organizes Fundraiser to Support Under-Resourced School in Cape Coast

A central tenet of Child Rights Clubs is to enable children to be active and positive community members. The club at Holy Child School (who can be found on instagram @_childrights_holychild) is a prime example, as they have taken it upon themselves to fundraise for an underresourced school in Cape Coast, to help children to have access to quality education.

Maame Serwaa Abrokwaa, Form 2, Club President  (left)     Comfort Owusu-Ansah, Form 2, Vice President (centre)  Angela Darkey, Form 2, Organizing Secretary (right)

Maame Serwaa Abrokwaa, Form 2, Club President (left)  

Comfort Owusu-Ansah, Form 2, Vice President (centre)

Angela Darkey, Form 2, Organizing Secretary (right)

Club President Maame explains the project below:


"We are planning a fundraiser for the vacation. The funds that would be raised would be used to support our adopted community by helping the less priviledged there and to support their education. 

The fundraisers would be held hopefully at the Marina Mall and Shoprite Osu on the 24th and 26th respectively. 

We adopted the Saint Michael School in Cape Coast. We adopted that community because when we took a further view of the community we realized that that school was lacking lots of amenities. Lots of them cannot also pay their fees, even though there are brilliant people in the school, and if we give them that support they need, they can get somewhere."

- Maame Serwaa Abrokwaa, Club President


Child Rights Clubs, like the one at Holy Child School, have shown innovation and dedication to improving their communities and the communities around them. 

Help us support this invaluable work being done by the Holy Child School Child Rights Club by coming out and participating at their fundraising events! Check back here for confirmation of time and location, or follow us on facebook and twitter to get all the latest updates.