Meet Change Maker Juliana Bentil, a nurse at the Tepa Government Hospital  who volunteered to support our Live For Change programme. The #Live4Change is a Mondelez International Cocoa Life initiative which aims to bring children into contact with mentors in their immediate environment.


Nurse Julie volunteered to share her professional and social experience with members of the Child Rights and Reading Club because she simply wanted to encourage children to pursue their dreams in spite of difficulty.  

At the Fawoman D/A Basic School, she shared stories on her childhood and how hard work and perseverance helped her to achieve her dreams. Her session ended by advicing the to children to never stop learning because even as professionals, they will need to learn in order to rise to the top of their career.

At the end of her session, five girls at Fawoman D/A Basic were inspired to never let go off their dreams of becoming nurses.


“Meeting Nurse Julie today has encouraged me to follow my dream of becoming a nurse. Now I know that after JHS and SHS, I have to go to Nursing and Midwifery School and study hard so I can become a nurse. My mother has invested so much in my education. I want to become a nurse and make her proud.” Genevieve Ntiriwaah.

Angelina (left) and Jefferys (right) in a pose with Nurse Juliana Bentil

Angelina (left) and Jefferys (right) in a pose with Nurse Juliana Bentil

“No one is a nurse in my family; I want to be the first! It is my dream and today Nurse Julie has encouraged me to keep following my dreams in spite of difficulty. She also encountered some difficulties, so I know I can make it too.” Dufie Angelina.

“I have always wanted to be a nurse so that I can educate people on health practices so that sickness is reduced. Nurse Julie has taught me today that to be a nurse, I should go to school and take my education seriously. I should never give up.” Antwi Jefferys.

Konadu (left) and Rita (right) in a conversation with Nurse Juliana Bentil

Konadu (left) and Rita (right) in a conversation with Nurse Juliana Bentil

“I dream of being a nurse because I want to look after sick people. When my friend Eva was sick, I just went to the pharmacy and bought her medicine. I couldn’t do anything to help her, but if i become a nurse like Madam Julie I will be able to help sick people.” Konadu Ernestina.

“I admire it so much when I see nurses attending to sick people. I have my own ailment and so I visit the hospital often. When the nurses help to ease my pain I become happy. Nurse Julie has taught me to avoid bad friends and to never to look down on myself.” Asaani Rita Jnr.

Nurse Juliana Bentil ended her interaction with club members by encouraging them to be conscious of their health because in the absence of good health all efforts to achieve their dreams will be futile.