The word “Cocoa Life’’ is a cocoa sustainability program verified in strengthening cocoa communities and inspiring the next generation of cocoa farmers. Mondelez cocoa life has changed our standard of living. They began their journey with several objectives in mind. What I have seen personally, is an initiative that I would entreat every farmer to be part of it.

Firstly, I have developed my full potential through this initiative. I am very shy when speaking in public but ever since I joined the Child Rights Club, I have learnt a lot and that has given me the voice in the community. Now I can speak in public about child rights abuse cases with confidence. It has improved my learning skills in so many ways.

Secondly, Cocoa life through Child Rights International has taken me to a place I never dreamt of it. Through the child initiative forum I have been able to visit some tourist sites without paying any amount. Places such as Takoradi Naval Base, Takoradi Technical University among other exciting areas. I have really benefited for being a child rights club member.

Lastly, Mondelez Cocoa Life has helped some children in my community with free educational scholarships to study in some of the top ranked senior high school in the country. People in my community face challenges when it comes to putting their wards through second cycle education.

Cocoa life has indeed brightened my life. My life has been transformed ever since I joined this club in my school. The above raised points are the unique reasons why I would endorse cocoa life any day and time.

Story by Adams Moro (Child Rights Club Member)