About The Programme

Live for change is a volunteering program for professionals who wish to share their experiences with children at the community level. It is a form of mentorship program where professionals spend time in rural communities to interact with and inspire children.

Child Rights International is dedicated to improving the capabilities of children everywhere, to give them the skills and abilities they need to succeed in life.  We believe that no child should be restricted by their circumstances or miss opportunities simply due to their environment.  By creating a mentorship program between children and professionals working in a variety of fields, Live for Change will give children important examples of people who have achieved their goals. Children will get a chance to ask questions and to better understand the measures these professionals have taken to succeed and reach their objectives.   


Goal and Objectives

 The overall goal of this programme is to broaden children’s scope on careers and encourage them to aspire to greater heights.  The objectives are to;

1.       Give children access to professionals who will guide their career aspirations

2.      Inspire children to be change makers in their communities

3.      Draw children away from negative social vices such as substance abuse, gangs etc.

4.      Give children an opportunity to have close interaction with adults and professionals from outside their communities.



Live for Change welcomes volunteers from all professional fields to share their social and professional experience with children. The program is for volunteers with at least 10 years of professional experience who wish to give back to their communities by helping children. Volunteering professionals will meet and interact with members of Child Rights and Reading Clubs that have been established in selected rural communities across the country. Volunteers will discuss their lives, education and challenges as well as how they have overcome these in order to inspire children. Based on the availability of the volunteer, Child Rights International will select a rural community and arrange a visit. The programme is strictly on volunteer’s preparedness and hence no remuneration will be paid to volunteers. Professionals who are interested in volunteering should send an email to or call 0302 503 744. 


Child Protection Policy

This programme is guided by the following child protection principles;

  • The programme is developed on the principles of ensuring the best interest of the child and promoting child participation.
  • The privacy and inherent dignity of children in the program must be respected.
  •  No child may be discriminated against based on gender, age, religion, disability, health status or socio- economic status of parents. All children must be treated fairly and equally.
  • No child may be subject to physical, emotional or sexual abuse or any form of degrading treatment.
  • Children should be given the opportunity to express their opinions and ask questions.