Years ago, Ghana became the first country in the world to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The convention created an internationally agreed upon framework that has served as the base upon which all work for the promotion of child rights has been built. The underlying principles of this framework are ensuring minimum standards for the rights to which a child is entitled and abiding by a minimum standard for a child's well being. 

While Ghana was at the forefront of the push to formally adopt these principles, not only introducing legislation to enforce the rights but incorporating them into the Ghanaian constitution, the country has struggled to enforce them at a grassroots level. 

Since its establishment in 1997, Child Rights International (CRI) has been fighting for the realization of these rights. CRI is a non-governmental organization that is committed to the promotion and protection of the inherent dignity of every child. We work not only for the realization of the fundamental rights of children, but also to create a nurturing environment for the development of their unique abilities, talents and personalities.



Child Rights International is dedicated to pursuing a future where all children have the opportunity to realize their dreams.

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